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nora® Lunatec motion
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nora® Lunatec motion

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New type of material absorbs shearing force

and has extremely soft bedding properties: nora® Lunatec motion

 and Lunatec combi motion



We are constantly on the move: walking, running, jumping, standing, which means a lot of pressure and straining on our feet and joints. Every step subjects them to compressive, impact, and shearing forces that must be reduced, above all for patients with painful foot or joint diseases, e.g. rheumatism.

Developed specifically for this purpose, the new EVA material Lunatec motion is now available as a single material or as a composite sheet Lunatec combi motion. The composite sheet consists of the bedding layer Lunatec motion (6 mm) and a stabilising layer of Lunasoft SL (10 mm) in light blue.

With a hardness of about 10 Shore A, Lunatec motion is extremely soft, making it ideal especially as a bedding for people with foot pain and as an absorption of shearing forces caused by walking. A large part of the load of the musculoskeletal system is being removed, and therefore the pain. What must be highlighted here as well are its excellent bedding and damping properties in the horizontal load plane.

Specifically the composite sheet Lunatec combi motion achieves this effect due to vulcanisation of the two layers of differing hardnesses and allows a smooth transition without disruptive
adhesive films.

Experience has shown that patients are particularly pleased about the comfortable and soft wearing comfort of this material, that also facilitates treatment that was inconceivable with hygienic closed cellular EVA material before.

nora® Lunatecmotion

bedding cushioning properties

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