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nora® Lunatec motion
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nora® Lunatec motion

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The new material Lunatec motion can also be used for general orthopaedics, prosthetics and orthotics, e.g. as cushioning in classical orthopaedic devices or as a functional lining on support orthoses and corsets. Besides its excellent damping and pressure spread, it also has a good absorption of shearing forces, making it ideal for pressure sensitive areas exposed to forces from body movements.

nora® Lunatec combi motion

The vulcanised combination of: Format: approx. 1,200 x 960 mm

Thickness: approx. 16 mm

nora® Lunatec motion

bedding cushioning properties Colour: 06 silk

Hardn.: approx. 10 Shore A Density: approx. 0.13 g/cm3 Thickn.: approx. 6 mm

nora® Lunasoft SL

stabilising properties Colour: 27 light blue

Hardn.: approx. 40 Shore A Density: approx. 0.20 g/cm3 Thickn.: approx. 10 mm

The objective of treatment with Lunatec combi motion may be, for instance, to minimise the shearing forces between the footbed and the sole, and in this manner alleviate the pain. Moreover Lunatec combi motion may help patients to start integrating their heels or forefoot actively into their walk again, if these areas have caused pain before and therefore changed their walking pattern. The soft feel enables the patient to consciously place their feet, despite previous periods of pain.

The soft bedding effect can be felt to the maximum possible extent when it is worn without an additional top layer. A feeling of firmer standing can
be obtained when a top layer of leather or EVA is put on - without compromise to the minimisation of shearing forces by the

Lunatec motion layer. Higher weight classes can also be treated well with additional
stabilisation in the rear foot, e.g. of
Lunasoft AL.

Handling information:

Oven setting: 130 °C
Heating time: about 10 minutes | Cooling time: about 20 minutes
The cut piece of material is heated in a closed source of heat and then moulded to the last in a straight vacuum former. The cooling time of about 20 minutes should be observed if the material is not to lose its shape. Afterwards, polish to shape.

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